Ambassadors for Christ (2 Corinthians 1-5)

At CityChurch Lawrence, we are Reading the Bible Together. This week, we’re reading 2 Corinthians 1-5. We’ll read individually during the week, then get together Sunday evening to discuss what we’ve read. We invite you to read with us, download this worksheet to help you read better, and then join us for our weekly gathering — Sunday evenings from 4-7. Our gatherings include three main parts: sharing, study and supper.

  • Sharing: Everyone is encouraged to share what God is doing in his or her life for the purpose of building up the church. This is a worshipful time that is different every week — sometimes prayer, singing, poetry, videos, etc.
  • Study: A well-prepared teacher leads a discussion of a passage from the Bible. Right now, we’re reading the letters of Paul together.
  • Supper: We share a full meal that includes remembering the heart of our faith through the Lord’s Supper. As our guest, please don’t worry about bringing anything. There’s always plenty.

To read more about these important gatherings, see Welcome to Neighborhood Church. For locations, contact us via our website or call/text 785-840-8568.

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