What is the Way of Christ and His Apostles?

“The Way” of salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone by grace alone (read more here). “The Way” of life and ministry for a disciple of Jesus is what we mean by “The Way of Christ and His Apostles”. It was introduced by Christ Himself, then commissioned to the Apostles — the first followers […]

Whatever happened to the Antioch Tradition?

The church at Antioch—in the heart of the Book of Acts—was the first church to send out missionaries in an intentional way. The Apostle Paul was based out of Antioch, and his methods and strategies became known as the Antioch Tradition. The Antioch Tradition was the tradition—the way of doing church—for most of the first […]

Something’s Wrong

There are a lot of empty pews and chairs out there. A lot of people in Christian America who have given up on church or have not set foot in one for a very long time. Not only that, polling shows that a lot of Christians have been sitting in church for most of their lives and […]

Paradigm opportunities

What did “church” look like when you were a kid? Has the church you grew up in changed since then? What are your guesses for the future—how do you think the church will change over the next 25-50 years? One of the most important questions we could ask is, why should we care? The answer, […]

Who is BILD International and why partner with them?

At first, I thought of BILD—The Biblical Institute for Leadership Development—simply as a source of leadership development tools. Their Antioch School was unlike anything I’d come across and a few of our members were excited to have the opportunity to study at such a high level and earn an accredited degree through our church while they […]

A Fragrant Aroma: Funding the Expansion of the Church

Do you know what Paul called the financial gift the Philippian church sent him? “A fragrant aroma, an acceptable sacrifice, well-pleasing to God.” (Philippians 4:18). Do you see how bold that was? He was telling them that their offering—like the sacrifices of the Old Testament worshipers—smelled good to God! How could he say that? How […]

Meetings Matter

What makes for a good meeting? It depends on the purpose, right? Some meetings are designed to dispense information—like a press conference or university lecture. It’s okay if the attendees are passive. If the information gets out there, the meeting fulfilled its purpose. Some meetings are designed for interaction—town hall meetings or brainstorm sessions. If there is no […]

Different just to be different?

“Relevant” is a big deal in our world. If you’re not relevant, you’re not…well, relevant. You’re not important. You don’t get a hearing. You don’t matter. But, how do you know if something is relevant—is it just a personal, individual thing? Or, are some things relevant whether you know it or not? We’ll come back […]

“All I can say is, ‘This is the way of Christ and His apostles.’ If any man answers, ‘That is out of date,’ or ‘Times have changed,’… I can only repeat, ‘This is the way of Christ and His apostles,’ and leave him to face that issue.”

Roland Allen